This is a very random list of some of my favorite items. Everything on this page I actually use and love. Some of these items contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small portion from the company at no extra cost to you.

Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea  My mom told me about this tea and it’s amazing. It comes in both a caffeine free version and a caffeinated one. Our local HEB used to carry it, but for some reason they stopped, so I order it on Amazon now. It’s really the best tea in the world, and I don’t know what I’ll do if they ever stop making it.

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food  My dogs both used to suffer from violent seizures. After we switched to this dog food a year ago, neither one has had a seizure. I usually buy it from my local pet store because I like to support them, and they have the cutest little dog biscuits around the holidays.

Cross Click Gel Ink Pen and Refill  These pens are my absolute favorites. I originally bought one for a book signing I was doing because the ink doesn’t smear. Now, it’s the only pen I use. I do a lot of writing by hand, especially if I’m struggling with the manuscript, and these pens are wonderful.

Flip Calendar Prayers and Blessings Large Print  I’ve been using this flip calendar for the past two years and I just love it. I receive a lot of happiness from the daily bible verse or the uplifting message. When something good happens that day such as meeting a friend for coffee or finishing a book, I write down the year and event. Seeing that little note the following year always puts a smile on my face. Sometimes, I’ll take a picture of the page and send it to a friend with a note that says, “Just thinking about you today and the lovely lunch we enjoyed last year. Let’s get together next week.” It’s a very simple way of finding joy and God’s presence in the every day.


Seaside, Florida  I’d like to live here some day. It’s my absolute favorite place in the whole world.

Coronado Island  The inspiration for Rose Island, Texas.