What Happened that Night

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Release Date: June 3, 2022
Pages: 226


Ruth Anne – the aunt

I should’ve told them what really happened that night, but how could I? My only goal was to find justice for my sister. Being honest would’ve destroyed everything I cared about—my marriage, my daughter, my niece. We’d all been through so much.

Besides, what difference would it have made? Eddie was guilty. I knew with every cell in my body that he was guilty.
I knew until I didn’t.

Brandy – the daughter

All my life I thought my father did it. Because I trusted my aunt who told me what happened that night, I thought justice had been served. Now, all these years later, I learn there’s been a mistake. I learn that my aunt’s testimony might have sent the wrong man to prison.

What am I supposed to do with that?

It’s not true, is it? My father isn’t actually innocent.

Is he?