Anna’s Courage



Anna’s Courage is the heartwarming love story about having the courage to be brave in spite of your fears.

Helicopter pilot Anna Morgan hasn’t flown since her husband’s death several years ago. Instead, the young army widow has sought refuge with her son on peaceful Rose Island. Surrounded by family and friends, Anna vows never to do anything more dangerous than arrive late to a PTA meeting.

All that changes when Captain Nick Peterson comes to the island to take custody of his orphaned nieces. Anna feels compelled to help Nick with the girls, but what is she supposed to do about her growing attraction to him? And will the disappointments in Nick’s past prevent him from embracing the power of forgiveness and family?

Anna’s Courage will have you yearning to visit the peaceful community of Rose Island again and again.

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Jillian’s Promise



Army officer Keith Foster has everything a man could possibly want—a successful career, two adorable sons, and a strong marriage. All that changes when he finds himself in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. His request to go home to his family is proving impossible.

According to the doctor, the shooting not only shattered Keith’s body, but it caused him to forget the past seven years of his life. He’s divorced now, his little boys are teenagers, and his wife is dating another man! Keith vows to win back his family and discover the secret that tore them apart in the first place.

Meanwhile, Jillian Foster has been trying to forget Keith and their turbulent past. After the shooting, she can’t help but feel obligated to help the father of her children recover his memory and restore his health. She’s just not sure what exactly that obligation entails.

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Bianca’s Joy



Everything about hair salon owner Bianca Morgan is supersized, from her body to her kind and outgoing personality. Because of her big smile, nobody knows she hides a secret pain—a baby she gave up for adoption years ago. Longing to meet her daughter, Bianca is devastated to learn her daughter doesn’t want to meet her.

Fortunately, Bianca finds comfort in a growing friendship with single dad Daniel Serrano. Bianca has been attracted to Daniel’s smoldering Latin appeal ever since he came to Rose Island four years ago with his daughter, Joy. But gorgeous guys like Daniel don’t go for full-figured women like Bianca, do they?

Just as Bianca finds unexpected happiness, the arrival of a visitor changes everything. When secrets are revealed, both Bianca and Daniel must rely on faith to open their hearts and take a chance on love.

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Vicki’s Gift


Bakery owner Vicki Morgan fears she’ll end up unmarried and alone. Her sisters claim she can’t find a man because of her unreasonable expectations. Little do they know, for the past eleven years, Vicki has been hiding a secret on-again, off-again relationship with a certain firefighter.

Seth Watson has been in love with Vicki Morgan since the day they met. When circumstances finally bring them together, Seth can hardly believe it. After unimaginable tragedy drives them apart, they now have a second chance.

Will love be able to conquer trauma and unite these two wounded souls? Or will the emotional scars of their pasts keep them apart?

Vicki’s Gift is the concluding novel in the Rose Island series. If you like heartwarming stories and characters that feel like friends, you’ll adore Kristin Noel Fischer’s inspirational romance series. While each book can be read as a standalone, you’ll enjoy reading the series in order.


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