Jillian’s Promise

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Series: Rose Island Series #2
Release Date: February 6, 2016
Pages: 394
ISBN13: 978-1523885312



Army officer Keith Foster has everything a man could possibly want—a successful career, two adorable sons, and a strong marriage. All that changes when he finds himself in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. His request to go home to his family is proving impossible.

According to the doctor, the shooting not only shattered Keith’s body, but it caused him to forget the past seven years of his life. He’s divorced now, his little boys are teenagers, and his wife is dating another man! Keith vows to win back his family and discover the secret that tore them apart in the first place.

Meanwhile, Jillian Foster has been trying to forget Keith and their turbulent past. After the shooting, she can’t help but feel obligated to help the father of her children recover his memory and restore his health. She’s just not sure what exactly that obligation entails.

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"I could not put this book down. A great story line with what I felt were true to life reactions and emotions. I am not a fast reader but this book had me so I interested, I finished it in one day. Now I'm ready to read the 3rd book in this series. Kristin Noel Fischer is a new favorite author of mine!"
-Karen S

"A beautifully written story of love and faith. This is a great second chance story of a family that belongs together. I loved Jillian's strength as a woman and mother. I loved that Keith was a good man, but real in his struggles and mistakes. Great lessons in this book."

"So glad I found this author! Love her books! Filled full of faith, love, family and the struggles of life in the world today."
-Amazon Reader

"I really enjoyed this book!!! Wonderful characters. A little mystery. Great spiritual lessons!!! Sweet love stories. You need to read this book!!!"

"Loved it! I read book 1 and immediately bought the 2nd book as well. The story is captivating and inspiring. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author."

"This book feels real - the events, the characters, the emotions. I thoroughly enjoy reading this author's books. Well done!"


Chapter 1
Seven years ago

Before I deployed to Iraq for the third time, my wife and I threw a barbecue for our friends and family on Rose Island. The evening was perfect as I manned the grill and watched the kids race through the sprinklers, laughing.

Despite the fact our rental house didn’t have a view of the ocean, my wife Jillian loved our tree-lined street and close proximity to the boys’ school and the assisted living facility where she worked as a nurse. Her parents owned a small hobby ranch a short, ten-minute drive up the mountain, and both her sisters lived within walking distance.

In other words, Jillian couldn’t have been happier when I received orders to return to Fort Xavier on the island where she’d grown up. Finding out I was immediately deploying hadn’t pleased her, but at least this time she’d be close to family.

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