Forgiving Natalie

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Published by: KNFBooks
Release Date: October 6, 2018
Pages: 358
ISBN13: 978-0999785676



Convicted felon Natalie Jones once gave her heart to Gage Merona. Now her heart belongs to eight-year-old Dash, the son Gage doesn’t know about. Determined to face the criminal charges against her, Natalie moves Dash across the country to meet his father for the first time.

Although Dash is Natalie’s whole world, her plan for redemption involves the heartbreaking task of leaving him with Gage. Will Natalie be able to forgive herself for what she must do? Will Dash?

And what happens when emotions between Natalie and Gage rekindle? How will Gage react when he learns the actual truth of what happened all those years ago?

“Perfect for fans of Karen Kingsbury and Diane Chamberlain.”

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"Forgiving Natalie is sweet and stirring, unexpected and funny. It's also absolutely uplifting. Fischer incorporates serious and current issues like prejudice and addiction in this latest work, but she treats these realities with gravity and respect, and allows them to enhance rather than overshadow the romance. This is an enthralling, moving story, and one guaranteed to send you scrambling for this author's back list."
-USA Today Happy Ever After

"The USA Today review was absolutely correct when it said once you've read Forgiving Natalie, the reader will want to read all her other books--I've already downloaded Anna's Courage and will be getting her other books. Forgiving Natalie is a feel-good book even though you can see disaster looming throughout the story. Fischer is a good writer who quickly draws the reader into the story. Her characters are well-drawn--Gage is swoon-worthy and the man every woman wants to marry. Natalie is spunky and independent and a great mother. Dash steals the book, though. I wanted it to work out for them almost from the get-go."
-Patricia Bradley

"I loved this unique story. Fischer has a refreshing way of creating characters that pull you in. Her heroine, Natalie, deals with a very difficult situation, but Fischer tells her story in a way that you could see how it could happen. As in all her books, Fischer has a great talent for showing faith in her characters without any pretense of preaching."

"I absolutely loved this story. It kept me riveted cover to cover. Such a terrific example of both people making mistakes and of forgiveness on both sides. And of God's grace."
-Barbara Fox

"I couldn't put it down! I thought I might know the ending but I wasn't sure. I read it all night. I couldn't put it down. One of my favorite reads of all time! Loved it!"


Chapter 1
Natalie – 2017

To-Do List
1. Sell everything.
2. Drive to San Francisco.
3. Introduce Dash to his father.
4. Leave Dash with his father.
5. Return to Chicago alone.
6. Go to jail.

“It’s Alcatraz!” eight-year-old Dash shouted from the back seat of the rental car. “Do you see it, Mom?”
Shuddering, I tightened my grip on the steering wheel and focused on driving across the Bay Bridge. Maybe bringing Dash to San Francisco was a mistake. Maybe this time a list wouldn’t solve my problems and I should just turn the car around and go back home to Chicago.

Except, after selling everything, I no longer had a home. No longer had anything but Dash, his dog, and a determination to face my past instead of run from it.

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