Bianca’s Joy

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Series: Rose Island Series #3
Published by: KNFBooks
Release Date: October 2, 2018
Pages: 442
ISBN13: 978-0999785690



Everything about hair salon owner Bianca Morgan is supersized, from her body to her kind and outgoing personality. Because of her big smile, nobody knows she hides a secret pain—a baby she gave up for adoption years ago. Longing to meet her daughter, Bianca is devastated to learn her daughter doesn’t want to meet her.

Fortunately, Bianca finds comfort in a growing friendship with single dad Daniel Serrano. Bianca has been attracted to Daniel’s smoldering Latin appeal ever since he came to Rose Island four years ago with his daughter, Joy. But gorgeous guys like Daniel don’t go for full-figured women like Bianca, do they?

Just as Bianca finds unexpected happiness, the arrival of a visitor changes everything. When secrets are revealed, both Bianca and Daniel must rely on faith to open their hearts and take a chance on love.

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“Kristin does it again with book 3 of the Rose Island series! Gosh, I just loved this book so much! I flew through it because I couldn’t put it down. Sweet, heartfelt, relatable. I can’t recommend highly enough! And I can’t wait for the next one in this series to come out!!”
-Michele Jaeger

“This book is by far my favorite of the Rose Island series. There's a great surprise ending. I can't wait to read the next book.”
-Lynne S

“The emotion, the plot twist and true love.... it’s in there. I read Anna and Jillian’s stories so I could connect the dots more, but you could read this first if you want. The characters are fun, real, and relatable.”
-Nichole Wise

“I could not put this book down. Kristin Noel Fischer is an amazing story teller. I hope she is writing another Rose Island book.”
-Kindle Customer

“Wonderful story and very well written. I've read all of her books. Can't wait for the next one. Please hurry.”
-Rita, Liberty Hill, Texas

“These people were very real to me. Sometimes, while at work, I was thinking of when my break could come so I could read more. Very good read!”
-Amazon Customer

"This is another great story from our author! She also interwove the past and the present and people known and unknown together in a gripping way. It's another great book by a truly talented author.”


Chapter 1

Bianca Morgan
18 Years Ago
South Carolina

Tears filled my eyes as I entered the hospital nursery to say good-bye to my newborn daughter. Last night, I’d given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Today, I would be signing away my parental rights. Was I doing the right thing? I hoped so.
“She’s wide awake,” the nurse said, wrapping my baby in a blanket before lifting her out of the bassinet. “Have a seat in the rocking chair and I’ll bring her to you.”

Wincing, I lowered myself to the chair, careful not to sit directly on my stitches. Giving birth had been more painful than I’d imagined, but it was the soreness afterward that surprised me. For some reason, I thought there wouldn’t be any pain once the baby was out. How naive I’d been.

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