Anna’s Courage

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Series: Rose Island Series #1
Release Date: June 13, 2015
Pages: 336
ISBN13: 978-1514333754



Anna’s Courage is the heartwarming love story about having the courage to be brave in spite of your fears.

Helicopter pilot Anna Morgan hasn’t flown since her husband’s death several years ago. Instead, the young army widow has sought refuge with her son on peaceful Rose Island. Surrounded by family and friends, Anna vows never to do anything more dangerous than arrive late to a PTA meeting.

All that changes when Captain Nick Peterson comes to the island to take custody of his orphaned nieces. Anna feels compelled to help Nick with the girls, but what is she supposed to do about her growing attraction to him? And will the disappointments in Nick’s past prevent him from embracing the power of forgiveness and family?

Anna’s Courage will have you yearning to visit the peaceful community of Rose Island again and again.

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"One of the best Christian Romance novels ever! What a fantastic, inspiring, heart-warming Romantic tale about two people overcoming multiple tragedies to find True Love and Trust in God again!!!"
-Paul Sabin

"I could not put it down, it's a real page turner. I was eager to know what would happen next."
-CA Cookie

“I loved this book from start to finish. I grew to love all the characters in the book, all the kids and the sisters-in-law, too. The love Anna and Nick had for each other was palpable and intense. I was afraid they wouldn't work it out, but I got my HEA!”
-Kindle Customer

“The characters in this book are real enough that you could expect to meet them in your own back yard. Loved the story. Well told. Looking forward to seeing more.”

“This book caught my attention from page one. I laughed out loud watching this big macho Army guy become an instant dad to a baby. I loved the whole story and am excited to read Kristin Noel Fischer's next book in this series. I just found a new author to read. I highly recommend this book!”
-Karen S

“What a wonderful story! Loved it from the beginning and could not put it down. Anna and Nick are so likeable, love the part the kids play in the story and the chance for second love for Anna. The changes seen in Nick throughout the story just tugs at your heart as his nieces become so important to him. The blending of Anna and her son with Nick and his nieces is a family in the making. Faith plays such an important part of the book but in such a way it adds to the story and is very subtle. There is an extended cast of characters which add to the storyline each in a significant way. Just a lovely feel good story and I did not want it to end.”
-June 49


Chapter 1
New Year’s Eve – Rose Island, Texas

Wanting to escape the loud New Year’s Eve party, I stepped outside and strode across the wooden deck of my brother’s beach house. Ocean waves crashed against the Texas Gulf Coast as I leaned against the railing and inhaled the warm, salty air.

Tomorrow at this time, I’d fly back to my army post in Germany. Back to the life I knew and loved. The life I’d always wanted.

Yet, for the first time, I found myself envying my older brother Ethan. What would it be like to live on this peaceful island and work a stable civilian job? To have a wife and kids?

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