A Mother’s Choice

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Published by: KNFBooks
Release Date: October 6, 2018
Pages: 368
ISBN13: 978-0999785645



For thirty years, Nadine Kingsley has kept a heart-wrenching secret. When a letter arrives threatening to reveal the truth that could destroy her tight-knit family, Nadine embarks on a difficult journey to explain her painful decision, especially to her youngest daughter, Autumn.

Meanwhile, Autumn Anderson, Speech Pathologist and mother of two, is struggling in her marriage. The discovery of a mysterious letter addressed to her mother disrupts her already complicated life, leading Autumn to question what she’s always believed.

When the unthinkable happens, Autumn digs deeper into her family’s past and unravels a tangled web of lies and deception surrounding her own birth. Meeting the one person her mother entrusted with her secret brings Autumn face to face with an unexpected and shocking revelation.

A Mother’s Choice is a fast-paced, uplifting, emotional read, full of family drama, love, hope, and forgiveness.

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"I haven't completed a book since my 3 year old arrived and I certainly haven't stayed up all night to read a book in many, many years- until this one. The relationship that was built in the characters was real. The secret had me anxious to get through the book. But the real joy was being able to enter into the lives of such a loving family...If you like an uplifting story, I recommend this book."
-Pamela S. McConnell

"Loved it! This articulate and emotionally satisfying storyline reverts back and forth between the lives of a mother and daughter, hinting at and slowly revealing a past secret that will impact their present and future. The book depicts a relatable family with all its flaws, problems and differences, one that manages to pull together when it's important for them to do so. Very entertaining, believable and well-written. Once I started it, I didn't want to put it down!"
-Ohio Reader

"A thoroughly enjoyable book! I love books that encourage you to be a better person and embrace faith in God. This book does that, but not in the usual, fluffy way. Characters have faults like real people; they are in relationships that are imperfect and they have depth. There is a wonderful mystery woven into the story. I had no idea how it could be resolved. I will be looking for more books by this remarkable author!"
-Amazon Reader

"What a wonderfully written story I love the character interaction and the way wound from the past, the middle, the future, and the present. This is the first book I have read by Kristin Noel Fischer and I can't wait to read more. I think she may have just become my new favorite author!"

"This is one of the best stories I have ever read!! It speaks of true love, true friendship, family drama, and sacrifice! It was an incredible story and once I started it I couldn't put it down. First time I have read this author but out won't be the last."
-Lynn Wen-hen


Seattle – 1961

It was raining the day I fell in love with Jude Kingsley, and whenever it rains I can’t help but think about that February day in 1961, my junior year of high school.

My best friend Ruby dashed across the parking lot as a light drizzle escalated to a downpour. I scrambled to keep up but found running impossible in the high heels I’d bought for the Valentine’s dance. I despised my freakishly large feet, so I was willing to sacrifice comfort for shoes that made me feel pretty and sophisticated.

Ruby and I joined the other girls in the bathroom and crowded around a single foggy mirror, where we attempted to fix our hair and makeup before venturing out to the stuffy gymnasium. On the stage, a local band played an old Frank Sinatra song, but nobody danced. Rock ‘n’ roll had been outlawed at our little private school after the archbishop of Chicago had publicly condemned it. My parents, especially my ultraconservative father, agreed with the decision, insisting school dances should be kept innocent and pure.

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